Equipping Youth Program

Georgia Mountain Positive Choices youth development program is specifically designed to meet all required Federal Abstinence Education Criteria for middle and high school students and is intended for all partnering schools throughout Union and surrounding counties in Georgia and North Carolina.  It is a positive youth development risk avoidance program developed for secondary schools as well as for local youth organizations. It is an abstinence-until-marriage program designed to enhance understanding of what drives teenagers both socially and emotionally as well as to improve their ability to self-regulate (self control is statistically a larger indicator of educational success, including higher SAT scores, than is self esteem).  GMPC promotes youth asset development, encourages healthy lifestyle choices, and encourages communities to provide positive youth activities and development opportunities.

We provide medically accurate information about the risks associated with specific forms of contraception.  All abstinence education materials are factual and grounded in scientific research.

GMPC program does not demonstrate or distribute contraception. 

The GMPC curriculum includes sessions that will equip youth with strong risk avoidance skills in five key areas:  drugs, alcohol, sexual activity, date violence and tobacco use.

The key concepts that are addressed are:

  1. Goal setting - Your Future, You Decide
  2. Risks and consequences - Your Choices, Your Consequences
  3. Social pressure - Media Manipulation
  4. Peer pressure - Setting Your Boundaries
  5. Healthy relationships - Respect and Commitment 

The classes are highly interactive to keep students participating and interested in content. GMPC recognizes and builds the talents, energies, strengths, and constructive interests that every young person possesses. 

All staff serving youth in the GMPC Positive Choices Risk Avoidance program will complete criminal history investigations (background checks).

Program activities and services are accessible to any interested participant, regardless of religious affiliation.